DHET lists

Journal Editors,

DHET 2019 accredited lists

The DHET 2019 accredited journal lists are available via this link.
Note the tabs at the bottom of the page for the different accredited indices.

Please direct any queries or corrections to Walter Ntuli at the DHET: Ntuli.w@dhet.gov.za. You may copy ASSAf in on this correspondence so that we can update our records: mmaphuthi@assaf.org.za.

Please note that the Department has highlighted that from this year, 2019, all the journals appearing in the following indices, SciELO SA, Web of Science/ISI, IBSS, will not appear in the DHET list (DHET 2019). This means that the affected journals will have to comply with the conditions, quality checks and, generally, stipulated publishing policy of that particular index.

For any questions on, or related to the above matter, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Fhumulani Maanda at Maanda.F@dhet.gov.za and Mr Walter Ntuli at Ntuli.w@dhet.gov.za.