OJS 3 Support

Training for Ethiopian Editors 4-5 November 2017


Introduction & journal criteria – Susan Veldsman

ASSAf Criteria for publishing High-Quality Open Access Journals: self-checklist

OJS Presentation 1 Introduction to OJS – Ina Smith

OJS Presentation 2 Setting up your journal – Ina Smith

SAJS Publisher/Author Agreement

SciELO SA/Journal Agreement

Proposed OJS Service Offering Guidelines

PDF to JATS XML Conversion Tool

Open Typesetting Stack

OJS 3 Manuals

Online Version

PDF Version (print)

Setting up a journal in OJS 3

OJS 3 Workflow Video clips

Please note: Draft Version 1.0 of video clips and work-in-progress.

  1. How to create an Issue (Editor)
  2. How to submit and article (Author)
  3. How to assign an article for review (Editor)
  4. How to accept & conduct a review (Reviewer)
  5. How to send the article for copyediting (Editor) (Please note: remember to add file for Copyeditor to edit)
  6. How to conduct copyediting (Copyeditor) (Please note: remember to upload file for Editor to publish)
  7. Send the article to Production and assign to an Issue (Editor)
  8. Publish the Issue (Editor)

More About Ethiopian Journals

Ethiopian Academy of Sciences Report on Scholarly Publishing

EJOL (Addis Ababa University)